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LGBTQ Student

LGBTQ on Campus for Students is a 30-minute online, interactive training simulation that assists institutions of higher education in creating a safe and supportive campus community by 1) increasing awareness and empathy for the challenges faced by LGBTQ students, and 2) building the skills of students to connect and communicate with respect. –


LGBTQ on Campus is one of Kognito's higher education products. It was created as a training for incoming freshmen just entering the College/University environment. The training educates students who may not have encountered "out" LGBTQ peers before about what their fellow students may be going through and ways that they can support them.

My role on this project was that of the primary designer, which meant that I was responsible for everything from UI design, to Motion Graphics and Branding for the product. I considered how to make young college students comfortable while discussing a subject that might be new and uncomfortable for them. I incorporated visual elements from the current ecosystem of social media platforms that they were already interacting with so that from the outset they would be ready to interact with the subject material at hand.

At the same time the student version was in production, we were also producing a faculty version that would launch simultaneously and be sold together as a package. I worked closely with the my colleague on that project to ensure that our designs were complimentary in all aspects from the interaction design to the branding.

ROLE: Senior Interaction Designer

TOOLS: Flash & Illustrator


  • User Interface Design
  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics Design & Animation
  • Implemented unified Branding across projects